Lecturers of the Berlin Summer School 2019

First Week Lecturers in the Thematic Areas:


Epistemological Foundations of Methodological Paradigms:



Causation and Explanation in the Social Sciences:

John Gerring, The University of Texas at Austin

Hendrik Wagenaar, University of Sheffield


Concepts as Building Blocks of Theories:

Anita Gohdes, Hertie School of Governance

Felix Berenskoetter, SOAS University of London


Linking Micro and Macro Perspectives:

Peter Hedström, Linköping University



Second Week Lecturers in the Thematic Panels:


1. External Governance, Interregionalism, and Domestic Change


Moderator: Gabriela Camacho (BGSS) & Ana de Moraes (BGSS)


2. Citizenship, Migration, and Identities

Christine Barwick (Centre Marc Bloch)

Tina Goldschmidt (Umeå University)

and tba

Moderator: Leandro Aramburu (BGSS) & Gordana Zhura (BGSS)


3. Social Struggle and Globalization

Phillip M. Ayoub (Occidental College)


Moderator: Christoph Sorg (BGSS)


4. Democracy at the Crossroads


Moderator: Marcus Spittler (WZB) & Denisse Rodríguez (BGSS)