application process

I have a MA/PhD degree but I am not affiliated with any university currently. May I still apply?

Yes, we encourage independent researchers and practitioners from related fields to apply.

I have a BA degree and was accepted to a MA program starting next academic year. Am I eligible to apply?

No, to be eligible you need to have finished at least the first year of your MA studies.

When will the Call for Applications for the next summer school open?

The CfA usually opens in February and ends in March. Please refer to our web-page for updates.

I have filled the application form completely, but cannot submit

Please double-check the amount of the characters in each field. The amount of characters should be counted including spaces!

I am an early stage post-doc/junior faculty member. Will the program still be useful for me?

We believe so. Every year we have a some attendance of early stage post-docs/junior faculty members and their feedback was always quite positive.

I am a university professor interested in reading a course in your summer school. How can I suggest my candidacy?

Usually by the moment when the Call for Applications is announced, we already have all the slots for professors filled. However, we welcome your expressions of interest which we will gladly consider for the next year.

My degree/research focus/research interests are/is in ______________. Will the summer school be useful for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you in advance whether the summer school will be relevant for your particular topic. We ask you to read carefully the description of the second week panels and consult first and second week lecturer’s professional pages in order to decide whether it is worth to apply.

How do I know if my application was submitted successfully?

After submission you will receive a confirmation email. If you have not received such an e-mail something went wrong (check if you wrote your e-mail address correctly in the corresponding field). In case you made a mistake in your email address, please, resubmit the application one more time or send us an email about it.

What is the acceptance rate?

Due to the concept of the summer school we only have a limited amount of slots available. Currently we are able to accept 70% of all applicants.

Acceptance and rejections

When do I get a notification of acceptance?

Notification of acceptance is sent to the applicants within two weeks after the application deadline.

I was waitlisted. When do I know if I get a place?

In principle, it happens that due to the last-minute drop-outs we send out the invitations even one week before the summer school starts. This happens not often, though, and if you have not been notified by the middle of June, the chances that someone will drop out are quite low.

I would like to know the reason for the rejection of my application

Unfortunately, we do not provide feedback on the selection committee’s decision. The selection is based on multiple factors, such as quality of your abstract and how well it fits into the panel’s composition, your CV, and your motivation letter. We also take into consideration the nationality, gender, and background of the participants.

I have been rejected this year, can I apply again next year?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to apply again.

Fees and Funding

If I cancel my participation, what is your reimbursement policy?

In general we can not reimburse you, please find more information in the GTCs. Under special circumstances we may consider reimbursements provided a qualified replacement is found.

Do you have discounts for people from certain countries?

No, unfortunately, the tuition fee is the same for all groups of participants. The exception is PhD students affiliated with the founding institutions (BGSS and WZB).

Do you have a tuition waiver/scholarship covering accommodation in Berlin?

No, unfortunately, we do not provide such kinds of funding. All the participants will have to pay the full tuition fee on time and cover the cost of their accommodation in Berlin. 

Stay in Berlin

Do you provide accommodation in Berlin?

No, we do not provide accommodation in Berlin. As an option, we can recommend the Guest house of Humboldt University (https://www.ta.hu-berlin.de/guesthouse) or websites such as wg-gesucht.de or airbnb.com.

Apart from the tuition fee, what budget should I plan for these two weeks?

It really depends on the level of living you are used to. On average, weekly public transportation will cost you around EUR 30/week (or you can rent a bike which is from EUR 8/day), budget food options are around EUR 5-10/day. Accommodation prices vary widely, but you can find a modest option starting from EUR 140/150/week.

Is attendance required?

Yes, in order to give you the certificate of participation (which includes 6 ECTS), we require 80% participation.

How busy will I be during the summer school?

You will be busy from 09.30 until 16.00 during both weeks. This does not include social events and the evening keynote lecture which you are encouraged to attend. 


Is any preparation needed for the summer school?

There will be reading provided by the lecturers which you are strongly recommended to read before the start of the summer school. You will also have to prepare an academic poster presenting your research and a 20-minute presentation of your research project for the second week.

What are one-on-one consultations?

As an additional bonus for our participants we offer one-on-one consultations, which are an individual meeting of a participant with one of the first week lecturers of their choice. We recommend preparing for such meetings in advance to use the time you have with maximum efficiency.

Can I bring a friend/colleague to a summer school event?

The academic events of the summer school are for the participants only. The exception is the keynote lecture which is a public event. For the social gatherings, however, you are welcome to come with your friends/partners/kids.