BSS 2016


Dates: July 17-28, 2016


Lecturers of the Berlin Summer School 2016 included:



First Week Lecturers:


Epistemological Foundations of Methodological Paradigms:

Sanjay Reddy, The New School for Social Research

Gilbert Achcar, University of London


Causation and Explanation in the Social Sciences:

Macartan Humphreys, Columbia University

Hendrik Wagenaar, University of Sheffield


Concepts as Building Blocks of Theories:

Vera Troeger, University of Warwick

Donatella Della Porta, European University Institute


Linking Micro and Macro Perspectives:

Bob Jessop, University of Lancaster

Nina Glick-Schiller, University of Manchester


Keynote (more info):

Methdological approaches to studying the global economy - The microglobal approach to financial markets

Karin Knorr Cetina, University of Chicago

Dicussant: Sanjay Reddy, The New School for Social Research


Second Week Lecturers in the Thematic Areas:


1. External Governance, Europeanization, and Global Norms Diffusion

Tine Hanrieder (WZB), Onawa Promise Lacewell (WZB), Monika Sus (Hertie School of Governance), and

Oliver Strijbis (WZB)

Moderator: Maryna Shevtsova (BGSS)


2. Citizenship, Migration, and Social Inequalities

Susanne Veit (WZB), Marc Helbling (WZB/University of Bamberg), Jan Fuhse (HU-Berlin), and Ruth

Ditlmann (WZB)

Moderators: Giulia Borri (BGSS) and Leandro Aramburu (BGSS)


3. Social Struggle and Globalization

Melanie Müller (FU-Berlin), Karoline Krenn (HU-Berlin), Almut Peukert (University of Tubingen), and

Dieter Plehwe (WZB)

Moderator: Christoph Sorg (BGSS)


4. Democracy at the Crossroads

Bernhard Weßels (HU-Berlin/WZB), Silvia von Steinsdorff (HU-Berlin), Dietlind Stolle (McGill University),

and Johannes Gerschewski (WZB)

Moderator: Philippe Joly (BGSS)